An E3 tradition, sort of

The last few years 1UP attended E3, we saw someone from 1UP make the front page of a newspaper for attending Nintendo’s events. One year it was Anthony Parisi dressed as Mario at the Nintendo press conference on the New York Times; last year it was me photobombing Satoru Iwata at the post-press-conference Wii U showcase.

1UP isn’t around anymore, so of course that tradition has come to an abrupt end. And yet, I almost made the cut again when a Bloomberg photographer snapped a photo of me being annoyed at Yoshi’s New Island and dropped it on the wire. Doesn’t look like anyone licensed the photo, though. Probably because I’m not really dressed for the event (by choice, of course).

Well, maybe next year we’ll get some USgamer folks’ faces out there.

5 thoughts on “An E3 tradition, sort of

  1. I still can’t get over how blurry and washed out the game looks. The image quality reminds me of Mischief Makers on the N64. I thought we were done with badly scaled/clipped pre-rendered sprites. Also Yoshi’s hands in his idle animation. I own the original SNES cart, has anyone been able to rom-hack the baby cry out of the original?

  2. And then there’s the caption which talks entirely about the WiiU while you’re playing a 3DS…

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