11 thoughts on “Hey y’all

  1. I like the layout. Especially how it shows you who wrote each article when you scroll over the title. I get to play “Which ones did Parish write?”. The MSX, Famicom, and SG-1000 articles were gimmes but I was fooled by the asteroids article. How’d you let someone else sneak that one in?

  2. Nice! Just realized US Gamer is under the same network umbrella (ella, ella) as Euro Gamer. I’m a big fan of the latter and with you on board, Mr. Parish, I’m looking forward to spending plenty of quality time at US Gamer. Congrats on the sweet new gig, dude!

  3. I’ll second the request for an RSS feed- the articles being a separate feed from the headlines, please!

  4. Oh great, another time suck! But seriously, it looks great and I’m looking forward to diving in. Congratulations!

    I just now learned it’s pronounced “you-ess gamer.”

  5. Millionth+1 request for RSS :-)

    I’ve been wondering on how the usgamereurogamer relationship works and how it will make sections of one or the other redundant. Is the idea that I would just visit usgamer from now on and stop visiting eurogamer?

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