If Animal Crossing has a win state, I think this is it



I have a very nice review of the game that I’d like for you all to read. We’re hammering out the last details of USgamer and should be launching soon, so hopefully you won’t have to wait long for my opinion on New Leaf. Not that you haven’t already made up your mind to buy the game (or not).

6 thoughts on “If Animal Crossing has a win state, I think this is it

  1. Better keep the door to the Gyroid room locked up tight. You don’t want them coming to life when you least expect it in the middle of the night.

    Besides being a new portable Animal Crossing on a more capable handheld (I liked Wild World but man did it chug on DS), the dream visits to other towns and the expanded customization options have pretty much sold me on this. I’ve been in the mood for simulation gaming and things as far divorced from the AAA gaming landscape as possible lately, so the timing for this is pretty much perfect.

  2. A lot of those Gyroids look awfully familiar. Is there a decent amount of new stuff to put in your house/fish/catch? It’s all about the fishing and bug catching for me.

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