The PDFening: A success story

After my post yesterday morning, a few people suggested I look into a PDF/file distribution service called Gumroad, and… it’s pretty great. I’ve managed to get the whole of the GameSpite library up there in just a few hours. And they only take a tiny cut of each sale, so I can price all the back issues at $3 apiece without giving everything away completely for free. So! If you’re interested, you can consider this page on Gumroad the official GameSpite digital content storefront.

So, here are the books:

Please note that the first few books are reproduced in black-and-white, because at the time Blurb could only print the small format books in monochrome. Do not adjust your set; this is perfectly normal. Also, the prices are listed at “$3+” because the base price is $3 but you’re welcome to pay more if you’re feeling generous.

12 thoughts on “The PDFening: A success story

    • Oh man, I’m not sure where the original files for those are. I’ll poke around this weekend and see what I can find, though.

  1. Yes Sir Guinness,

    Please tell Spock, Urkel, and I where we can enjoy delightful Thumbnail Theatres. :)

  2. Finally I can buy the books without having blurb punishing me for living in Brazil. Thanks!

  3. Bought as promised! Now to wait an agonizing number of minutes for it to show up in my email.

  4. Oh wow, finally a reason to want a tablet! :D

    I wonder how these would look on my B&W Kindle…

  5. I downloaded Second Chances to view on my Nook, and it’s a sofie’s choice between text that’s readable, and seeing the images. That’s more of an indictment of the device than it is of the book, however. I’ll see if I can find a good way to tweak the settings for epub conversion, as it currently turns the book into a Boschian nightmare of glyphs and halftoned images.

  6. Exciting! I don’t have the space or money for physical books, but PDFs sound lovely. I’ll buy some!

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