The first Anatomy of Zelda book is more or less laid out now, and I should be submitting it for proof soon. It’s probably about a month or so from launch, though. I’m about to leave for my honeymoon, and I promised I wouldn’t give in to my compulsive work habits while we’re in Spain. And once I return, there are some other big things happening for me that will demand all my time.

In the meantime, Blurb sent along the coupon code SHARING10 for $10 off any of the existing GameSpite books. Actually, it’s for any Blurb book, but I’m selfish. Unfortunately it expires May 2, so I can’t use it as a way to coax you into buying the Zelda book.

And a new Anatomy series should begin tomorrow. As they say on the Internet, where functional grammar is at a premium, be excite.

7 thoughts on “In-betweeners

  1. Nice. Can’t wait to see the new Anatomy series!

    Also, don’t give in to the temptation to keep working, just enjoy your honeymoon!

  2. At least in the gaming community I’m pretty sure ” excite” comes from Tak Fuji’s E3 presentation for Nintey Nine Nights 2, along with WON MIRRION TROOPS and YOU WILL GET SUCKED.

  3. I enjoy the Anatomy stuff a great deal. Are you going to continue your Evangelion write ups?

  4. Oh, you’re coming to Spain?

    Do post some impressions of the country here, please, I’d love to read those! :D

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