My goodness

Sony certainly did do a thing today. I find myself far more impressed than I expected to be, because Sony has finally gotten its act together — or at least they’re doing a damn fine imitation of it. No cringeworthy, meme-inspiring stupidity; no bombast; no out-of-touch idiocy; and despite leading off with generic stab-’em-in-the-neck shooter Killzone, the loudness/violence factor was pleasantly low. Instead, they had one of the industry’s most respected designers come out and talk about all the smart ideas going into the PlayStation 4 hardware. Sony could be going places! Unless the entire games and console industry collapses in on itself, in which case… well. Here’s hoping it doesn’t come to that.

8 thoughts on “My goodness

  1. I too was a little impressed (from what I read). But it seems we’re in the minority, because the internet is raging pretty hard… mostly because the actual console wasn’t shown. I’m really not sure what the big deal is there… is there any question? It’s going to look like most other consoles released in the past two gens (presumably, it won’t be a small purple cube with a carrying handle). It was pretty much what everyone expected, as far as the rumors/leaks go… but in a good way.

    I’m more disappointed that the Vita was so scorned. I know it was meant to be a PS4 event, but still…. nothing.

    All in all, though, I’m much more interested in the PS4 now than I was a day before. Mission accomplished.

    On the other hand, was anyone really asking for another Infamous game?

  2. I guess my lack of enthusiasm comes from yet another generation of harware that comes too soon. Not since the PS1 era have devs really been given enough time to tinker and push the hardware to it’s limits (and in my opinion, foster creative thinking because of the limits) before being presented with new hardware to master. But maybe my taste in games doesn’t require all this fanciness. :'<

  3. I don’t know about this… it seemed to heavily emphasize a whole bunch of neat features that made me excited, but after a day of thinking about it I am kind of like ‘who cares?’.

    First of all, all the tech talk at the beginning was so long and unnecessarily specific. Most of the internet may nod and pretend they know the fine details of programmer for a specific type of ‘system architecture’, but most don’t REALLY know what that means. That part if the presentation seemed like it was aimed toward a developers conference or something, not the big reveal of your newest videogame console.

    The social media integration and the share button is all well and good, but how much is that really going to add and how often is it going to get used by the average gamer? Five years down the line? It all seems pretty thin. Personally, the graphics aren’t enough of a jump to get me excited- I am more then happy with my PS3.

    The touch pad will be the six-axis all over again, I think, and move doesn’t have near the potential or versatility that a next-gen kinect is going to have. Plus. not showing the console or announcing the price was a big misstep I think. The console comes out in the next 10 months… there is no reason not to have at least a mock-up to show off.

    The whole thing was just too bloated and long, and yielding a surprisingly small amount of actual tangible information- which was crammed into little cracks in between CGI movies, tech-speak and buzzword nonsense.

  4. As someone with sketchy broadband to begin with, most of the features outlined don’t help me one iota. So I pretty much have to disregard them in my personal analysis. And graphically, it’s a bump, sure, but not much of one. I really do think we’re hitting a bit of a graphical plateau.

    Still, it wasn’t a terrible presentation. I just don’t see anything there that makes me really want one, or that’s much different from the current generation. Call me a crusty curmudgeon if you must.

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