Now I want to play Dragon Warrior VII

Because I’ve played just enough of the new 3DS import to whet my appetite:

Given Nintendo and Square Enix’s usual localization timelines for Dragon Quest, I’m not really keen on waiting another year to get my hands on the remake. To the PlayStation!

Sorry for the lack of activity over the past few days. Between travel and our foolish decision to create wedding invitations by hand, I’ve literally had no free time at all. Not even to sleep.

6 thoughts on “Now I want to play Dragon Warrior VII

  1. Seeing you play the game just makes me jealous. I want this so, so badly. I played Dragon Warrior VII back in the day, and despite all the hate it gets at times, it’s one of the stronger entries in the series, bad graphics and all.

    Except those enemy sprites. Lovely looking stuff there.

  2. Oh Jesus, man, I don’t have TIME to play through that game a third time.

    Wh-what…oh my. That is very, very pretty.

    Wh…is that the DQ9 encounter system where you see the monsters onscreen and can dodge them.

    Welp. I still have no 3DS and no job, so I’m not going to sink another 80 hours of my life into this game.

    But now I’m going to have to do it someday. Damn you Square Enix.

  3. Only way I can see myself doing DW7 all over again is via frameskip.

    A hack to reduce the needed battle count for class mastery would also be neat.

  4. You are way too hard on them improving that opening section, my friend. (That’s the aspect everybody HATES about P3 and P4. Mainly P4.)

  5. This was the first and only DQ game I’ve played. I was entranced by the thought of it’s sprawling job system, which…didn’t pan out quite like I thought it would. And hinestly, not being able to see my characters in combat has been a stumbling block I can’t really get over, regardless of the RPG in question. That’s not to say it isn’t good or anything, it’s just something that makes it very hard for me to get invested. Frankly it’s what’s kept me from jumping on the Earthbound is awesome train.

  6. Really hoping hat S-E & NOA can team up and deliver this to North America Then hopefully our friends across the pond will follow soon after.

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