Checkin’ out some anatomy

I guess I didn’t realize it, but with yesterday’s post I’ve managed to reprint GameSpite Journal 12 in its entirety. That’s lovely. Now I need to catch up on back issues.

But first, I need to finish up the next book. The proof arrived today (well ahead of schedule!) and — crappy cover notwithstanding — it is really lovely. I hate that it’s going to be kind of expensive, because the larger format this issue uses doesn’t have a black and white option, but the whole thing looks so good I honestly feel it will be worth it. I may throw together a cheap small-format B&W version with simple layouts and fewer images for the skinflints in the audience, though.

If everything goes according to plan, this issue should launch in about 10 days. File away the coupon codes CREATIVITY and 10SAVE and LIGHT for that vaunted day, because one of them is bound to work for you and will save you anywhere between 10-20% on a purchase. I guess you could use one of those codes now, but why not wait a little while? Anatomy of Castlevania Vol. 1 is gonna be so, so good.

2 thoughts on “Checkin’ out some anatomy

    • Roughly $40 for a paperback, unfortunately. That’s why I’m considering a no-frills B&W edition.

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