Question for GameSpite book readers

So here is something I need to know: Do you prefer shorter, less expensive books? Or lengthier, pricier books?

I ask because I’m pricing out the Anatomy of Castlevania volume, and adding Castlevania III to the mix effectively doubles the length of the book, adding an extra $10 to the price. Now, bear in mind I can’t publish the larger format in black and white, so there’s no super-inexpensive sub-$15 option, period. (And unfortunately, no other self-publishing vendor offers as good a mix of pricing and book options as Blurb — I spent an afternoon running comparisons across half a dozen other shops earlier this week, and despite its frustrations Blurb still came out ahead for our needs.) If I break Castlevania I & II into a single book and push III into its own standalone volume, the cost for each book would be $30 as opposed to a larger single volume at $40.

Of course, the single book is ultimately more economical (one volume costing $40 vs. two adding up to $60 total), but since the individual books would be spaced a few months apart the individual transactions would feel more reasonable. I would love to hear some feedback on this. Thanks!

25 thoughts on “Question for GameSpite book readers

  1. I much prefer having them all in one complete volume as opposed to two separate books. As you mentioned it’s cheaper in the long run which is a bonus. And I ALWAYS opt for the color as opposed to B&W so that doesn’t bother me either.

  2. Which I prefer depends on the situation and the overall cost, but if the difference is as dramatic as this, I’m gonna go with the single, more expensive book every time.

  3. Yeah, with nearly-identical subjects like this, it makes the most sense to combine them and save money long-term. I doubt many people are only going to want CVI-II and not CVIII or vice-versa. And since lots of people hold off and save up to buy multiple blurb books during a sale anyway, I don’t think the time-spacing would offer much advantage.

  4. I’d much prefer one book for two reasons. Cost being one, with $40 being less than $60 as you already mentioned. The second issue being the overall flow of the content. I would much rather have the entire series in one book as opposed to having them broken up into two separate volumes.

  5. The split option really doesn’t make much sense, either price wise, or in terms of having a nice she of books in the end (well, aside from the mismatched sizes).

    It’s going to be a while until I can afford to grab another wad’o’books for myself though, so this isn’t a vote I’m backing with my wallet.

  6. I’d also prefer one larger volume if it’s more economical in the long run. Plus I think I’ll prefer having the trilogy covered in one book rather than split up. Really excited to see the new format!

  7. I am fully behind whichever version will make Sypha Belnades’ man-hands look more exquisite. (In reality, I definitely vote longer book).

  8. Single volume hands down, with PLENTY of images, not just screen captures, but a sprite sheet, and hell, even concept/booklet/cover art section. That is something I think that should also be part of the whole “anatomy” series, the actual concept design and illustrations and how they got turned into those wonderful 8-bit graphics.

  9. Won’t be buying either one of these – just not a big enough Castlevania fan – but in the end of a similar situation arising, I vote with everyone else: a single, larger book makes more sense on any level. As someone mentioned, having the trilogy together is nice, a single book is cheaper, and the delayed release of two books isn’t a big deal for me personally, as I order when there’s a sale or free shipping or something – something I suspect many others do, given Blurb’s outrageous prices (not your fault, I know).

    And as someone else mentioned, like I said, I won’t be voting with my wallet on this one. Regardless, the single volume is better in any case. But I suspect you already know this.

  10. One single volume. The Castlevania trilogy is meant to be together. And since I’d pick it up on a sale, I don’t care about spacing out the release or a delayed release. The economics of a single release also appeal to me, but my primary reason for wanting one volume is I feel the material should be collected in a single volume.

  11. I would prefer a larger, complete book. I also want these Anatomy of a Game collections in full colour anyway. I haven’t purchased any Gamespite material before, but I plan to own the entirety of the Anatomy of a Game series.

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