Back into the labyrinth

I managed to beat Narmer in Etrian Odyssey III last night, which marks the first time I’ve made my way beyond the first stratum. It was a very lively battle — surprising after playing through two games that lacked such dynamic foes.

The balance of this game fascinates me. Even though I kind of felt like I might have been pushing toward the “overleveled” envelope for this battle, my team still lacked the best gear available. Even with farm minions delving their way to collection points for cash, I have a feeling my team will be permanently under-equipped through the end of the game.

This game is rad.

11 thoughts on “Back into the labyrinth

  1. Is the story a motivating factor in this game? In any of the series entries, even? I ask this because the game looks interesting, but I hate slow games that punish you without sufficient reward. For instance, I’ve put up with many difficult RPGs, but couldn’t stomach Shiren the Wanderer.

    • There’s quite a bit of dialogue both at key points in the dungeons and back within the town. The story is kind of what you make of it, but it does have something of a branching plot.

  2. Narmer was a total bastard, but I managed to beat him somehow.

    But anyway, I really like how Etrian Odyssey III lets you go on sailing expeditions and extend your cartography to the sea and islands. It really gives the game world much more of a sense of place than the previous two games.

    Honest truth: If Koei commissioned the EO team to make a new Uncharted Waters game, I would buy that so hard.

  3. I too love the Etrian Odyssey games, though I am ~maybe~ halfway through II, and have promised myself I will finish it before moving on to III (which I already own). But I also wanted to note that if ANYONE makes another Uncharted Waters game, I will (a) be amazed; and (b) buy like six copies.

  4. Narmer, huh? Not sure what to make of that name.

    So behind on my EO. Have yet to start II.

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