Small positivity

Man, I go away for a few days and set the site on auto-publish and the comments degenerate into semantic dickering and console war trolling. Sheesh.

Blurb sent out a little email notice yesterday that it’s offering a (weirdly brief — it’s only good until 10/23 or so) discount code for everyone rather than their usual price breaks only for people who make books. Enter the code FANS at checkout and they’ll knock 20% off your purchase, although I think you need to buy at least two books. This basically pays for their rapacious shipping fees — not an amazing deal, but if shipping was holding you back from the prospect of reading our Genesis retrospectives sans obnoxious remarks about the alleged superiority of one 16-bit console or another, well, here you go.

FYI, the next GameSpite Journal probably won’t be out until December, if then.

4 thoughts on “Small positivity

  1. Also, for the record, the “secret best” was the Atari Jaguar. Too bad nobody developed anything for it :(

    Maybe if it had been released in 91. Just. Maybe.

  2. Wait, you blocked comments on the other articles? I had something constructive to say about the Toejam and Earl article!

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