Anatomical musings

The Zelda vs. Metroid thing seems to have stalled with a fairly even split, so after wandering home in an exhausted state last night I started playing Zelda. There you go.

To answer a few common threads in the responses:

Sure, I’ll write more about Castlevania games, but I’d need to replay Dracula’s Curse several times through in order to refresh my memory and see how the game design stacks up with different companion characters. I wrote about the first two games because they’re more or less burned into my memory, but I didn’t play as much of the third game because it came along later and I was more about discovery and less about replaying a handful of games by that point.

Writing about [your favorite game here] would be fine and dandy, but I am interested in writing about the ones I know inside and out, because this is a thing I do in my spare time and I don’t have a lot of that. These are not the kind of articles you can write after breezing through a game once — at least, not if you want them to be any good.

OK love you bye.