GameSpite Journal 12 lives!

Kids, GameSpite Journal 12 is now live. You might have guessed this day was coming soon, since, uh, I said as much, and I posted the first of the issue’s articles earlier today. But lo! It’s here. Yeah. Uh… surprise?

This issue runs 120 issues, covering nearly 100 different games across quite a number of Sega platforms. I decided to do things a little differently this time. For one, there’s no black-and-white hardcover book, because maybe one person ever bought that version. (To that one person, I’m really very sorry.) I also cut the price of the paperback volumes, which almost (but quite) compensates for Blurb’s disgusting, rapacious shipping fee hikes. I’m very sorry that they are bastards about shipping. It’s out of my hands, I’m afraid.

Handily, the coupon code WONDERFUL will net you 15% off a purchase through the end of August.

You can find the books as:

The second Sega volume should appear next spring. Are you excited? Can you wait? Well, I’m afraid you’re just going to have to.

9 thoughts on “GameSpite Journal 12 lives!

  1. Ugh…I was that one person and was looking forward to the B&W hardcover version of this issue. The color version is over $60 with shipping, which is too pricey for me, but the B&W hardcover always fell in that ‘a bit more expensive, but worth it for the higher build quality’ category. Are the B&W hardcover versions no longer going to be an option?

  2. The code BLURBBOOK15OFF is only available to the author, but the code WONDERFUL does work for anyone (also 15% off).

  3. That is such a classy cover.

    Unfortunately I can’t jump on this like I normally do, I have to wait to get paid this Friday. Looking forward to it.

  4. Put me down too for someone missing the color hardcover with the black and white innards…

    • But there can’t be two of you! According to Blurb’s sales records, only one of those has been sold for each of the past few books…

  5. Well in that case I’m just going to have to glam up and go for the full color hardback :)

    • Seriously, though, same deal goes for you — I can help facilitate a B&W hardcover if you like. I’m just trying to simplify store options so people don’t have to wade through four different versions. Of course if Blurb’s store front didn’t suck I wouldn’t have to cull the extra options.

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