Changed my face, changed my name

I’m testing out a new site design, obviously. I liked the boldness of the previous layout, but it proved to be incredibly inflexible. Even after weeks of troubleshooting with the original designer, I still couldn’t get it right. Eventually I got it down to one last design issue and the dude said, “LOL too bad.” Pretty nice of him, since I paid cash money for the theme and all. Oh well.

Anyway, this layout goes in the opposite direction — clean, simple, and inappropriately classy. Suck it down, y’all. And let me know if anything is missing, besides the neon colors.

16 thoughts on “Changed my face, changed my name

  1. I like this design…particularly because it looks nice on the iPhone. The previous design had the left half of the page cut off on the iPhone. This design is nice an clean.

  2. So much style happening in here! I’m not properly dressed for this site. Which way to the cocktails?
    I like it.

  3. The main “Gamespite in Print” index still only lists the first 7 quarterlies, which is even more noticeable with the minimalistic design. Also the color scheme here could stand to have a little more contrast.

  4. I love the elegance.

    I missed out on all updates after the move to telebunny due to the old RSS feed not working. Once I realized what was going on, I added the new one, and have since caught up – but also, once I added the new one, the old RSS began picking up the updates again. Weird! I mention this because I saw you comment about the “lack of commenters” at one point, so wonder how many people might be using old, non-functional RSS feeds.

  5. New site design looks like rather than I expect to hear an angelic choir in the background.

  6. Much better. I’m a big fan of clean and simple layouts, especially for blogs, and the font size is perfect.

    There seems to be a problem with nested comments overlapping each other in the latest version of Firefox — looks like an overflow/display css issue.

    • I think the issue is that this layout wasn’t designed to allow nested comments and I cheated to post them.

  7. This has always been a classy joint, so I dig it. However, it’s also classy-cute, so a Telebunny appearance wouldn’t hurt. If not, maybe a somehow-not-garish b&w 8-bit/video game version of the section-splicer fancy thing.

    Or not. I always appreciate a solid, simple blog that lets the words speak for their elegant and rich selves. Great job, sir!

  8. Muuuuch easier to read, space-wise, but the font is a bit lacy and thin, it’s like reading spiderwebs.

    • Spiderwebs are awesome. They have amazing tensile strength and can trap living creatures to serve as a living buffet.

  9. It does look nice. Easy on the eyes, for sure. The old theme felt familiar, but it hurt my eyes so badly.

    • Yeah. I’m too old for bright colors. (He said, ignoring the neon orange cover of his latest book.)

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