GameSpite Journal 11: Mask of Eternity

Hey kids, here is an article on King’s Quest: Mask of Eternity. I guess it’s not very good! (The game, I mean, not the article.) Please soak in Jonathan Howard’s agonizing account of revisiting the game, and then you’ll never have to do it yourself.

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7 thoughts on “GameSpite Journal 11: Mask of Eternity

  1. I loved Sierra’s games growing up. I read through every issue of InterAction cover-to-cover. I bought King’s Quest 5 and 6 twice each so I could experience the CD-Rom versions. I couldn’t be bothered to play Mask of Eternity for more than an hour. That’s how bad it was.

  2. A backlog with games purchased more than 10 years ago…? So much so that the hardware you use is actually too advanced to play it and you’re forced to buy it again…? Me, I try to live game-to-game… or rather, I just can’t imagine buying a game without the intention of playing it almost immediately, even if I see one on some super-sale or something.

    • What’s it like to have the time to play a game immediately after buying it? Sounds like a luxurious lifestyle.

      • I meant that I don’t have the extra funds to buy games – which could be got later at a much lower price – if I haven’t the time to play them. You could make the argument that low-print Atlus games are worth buying when they come out (also, to support their existence), but for most games, it doesn’t make sense for me to buy a game I’m not going to play for a few months when the price will inevitably decrease in that time span.

        I don’t buy many games at all these days, because I just don’t have the time to play them… in which case there is no sense buying them until I do have the time (and/or money).

    • Oh, yes. Definitely. My backlog probably goes back 15 years, at least. I pick up a lot of games on sale, or grab stuff that interests me, but often, they just don’t get their hooks in, and I end up moving on to something else.

      That I have a full-time job and grad school to go with it only exacerbates things. Maybe once I retire I can start really whittling away at the stack.

  3. turkish101,

    I played the game when I originally bought it so long ago and I found it tedious and ugly. I never completed it back then and new, shinier things came along and I played those instead.

    I had hoped that time and experience might have mellowed my perceptions of the game, or that I was simply too harsh way back then. That was not the case. Bad games stay bad games.

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