GameSpite Journal 11: Heavy Rain

I don’t really know what to think of director David Cage, because I’ve never played any of his games (such as Heavy Rain); everything I know of the games is therefore passed along to me as second-hand knowledge. Cultural, collective wisdom, or something. Maybe not wisdom. Wouldn’t wisdom be something everyone agrees on? Because no one agrees on David Cage’s merits as a director. I hear he’s everything from a horrible hack to an absolute genius. This article leans toward the former, but it doesn’t couch things in absolutes.

I’ll try being more vigilant about posting GameSpite Journal content in the coming weeks; I’ve slacked pretty badly ever since E3. I hope we can still be friends, hang out, that sort of thing. I won’t bogart all the chips.

Speaking of GameSpite Journal, Blurb is offering a 15% off coupon code (blurbbook15off) for those who still believe in print. (How atavistic!)

6 thoughts on “GameSpite Journal 11: Heavy Rain

  1. Weeks before I got my hands on this game I was talking it up to my girlfriend. I boasted that this would be the game that would convince her that video games can be just as amazing and moving as a movie. How could it not live up to the hype? Needless to say, I think I’m still wiping the egg of my face.

    She did enjoy watching me play through the demo, but anything further than that was embarrassing.

  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Same scenario for me… I can’t tell you how much humble pie I ate after months of “we can play this game together!” came to a crashing halt 5 minutes into the game. Womp womp. Headphones to the rescue!

    In a cheap, comment-hijacking move:

    Jeremy Parish: New here; I’ve been reading GameSpite for the past couple months. I love that there’s video game writing out there that isn’t marketing material.

    Setting the stage: I’m looking to invest in the print versions of all your stuff; however, am hesitating because I’m OCD enough that I want a complete, matching set. My conundrum: I’d prefer hardcover color of everything, but since it’s so expensive, would settle for a softcover set. There are no color books listed for anything pre-SNES (#10). What’s more, some of the older journals are incomplete unless you get them in hardcover (listed as “Deluxe)… Are there any plans to offer color versions of older books? Especially the NES book?

    What is an obsessive nerd to do?

    Sorry, I would have emailed this to you, but I figured since you recently posted this on telebunny, you’d be checking it sooner than anything else ;) Also, I couldn’t find your email address…

    • I don’t want to speak for Jeremy, but as one of many people who’ve been involved in creating the GS books since the beginning… the early books were never designed with color in mind (color print-on-demand was even more prohibitively expensive back then), and I doubt Jeremy would just want to flip a ‘color on’ switch and risk things looking bad. And I *really* doubt he has time to redesign old books. What I’m saying is, don’t hold your breath. But by all means, give that ol’ OCD a little smack and buy some books anyway! We like being read. :)

      • Hey, I really appreciate the reply :) I love reading your work; with the current transition between Gamespite and Telebunny, I’m having a hard time accessing old stuff. Great time to buy some books! Maybe I’ll start with color and work my way back, just in case… The thought of an all-color NES retrospective… too tempting… Anyway, thank you again for the reply; have a great day.

        Take care,

  3. I very much agree with this article. Even to this day, a couple of my friends who played Heavy Rain and loved it will harangue me about hating the game with such passion. Can I help it that the game has a horrible plot with cliche’ characters?

  4. Indigi Prophecy was amazing except for the awful last act. I like these games for what they are, but man, they could use some better production values.

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