Just think

Somewhere at Comic-Con is a man (yes, a man) who was paid to assemble a bridge full of Snake-Eyes and Jinx killing the hell out of red ninjas.

That means somewhere at Comic-Con is a man whose job description consists of “Please live your childhood dreams with unlimited resources from Hasbro.”

2 thoughts on “Just think

  1. Simple ninjas make for the most dynamic toys ever. I am more sure of this fact than anything else in my life.

    My only question is, why stop at the bridge? We need sweeping vistas, temples, and dojos up in this thing.

  2. It might have been my limited action figure headcount, but 7 year old me had an uncanny ability to turn a basic original Stormtrooper into just about any kind of action hero I wanted. The arm bands alone seemed to house all sorts of devices (in my mind’s eye). And I still can’t decide if the plate on their back says “Oil” or “OII”, leaving me to wonder if they were robots or not. Oh, childhood…

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