Do you wanna get rocked?

We have launched our latest cover story, and I think it’s a pretty good one! Last week’s was pretty good, too, but in a different way. A sort of “let’s punch each other until everyone’s dead” way. This week’s cover story is more like… I don’t know. “Let’s all hang out and listen to records together.”

Of course, kids these days have probably never sat around with their friends listening to records. Kids be missin’ out.

Video games! YEAH m/

One thought on “Do you wanna get rocked?

  1. Really excited for Theatrhythm and Amplitude 3…err, Rock Band Blitz. I love rhythm games enough to play through the Hatsune Miku games. Horrible aesthetics aside, they are pretty fun!

    All I need now is an Ouendan 3DS announcement for my life to be complete.

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