GameSpite Journal 12 Preview

I spent a fair amount of time this weekend laying out GameSpite Journal 12. Because time marches on. Despite the layouts being almost completely finished (minus image placement), I still have quite a bit of writing to do, so I don’t anticipate it being complete and ready for public digestion until August. That’s why I don’t call it “GameSpite Quarterly” anymore.

Anyway, this issue should quell complaints about us never giving any love to Sega. We are taking a slightly different approach than we have with Nintendo and Sony-specific books, though. Rather than focusing on a single system, we’re covering Sega in its entirety from the ’70s through 1995 across all systems.

Like thus.

Because Sega’s systems were so intricately linked, with parallel and duplicate releases at times across three or four platforms simultaneously, we’re covering the gamut of it all: Arcade, Master System, Genesis, Game Gear, Sega CD, 32X… heck, I even wrote about an SG-1000 game for giggles. The second volume will of course cover Saturn, Dreamcast, and beyond… but first things first.

I think the layouts will help abate confusion about which version we’re describing.

7 thoughts on “GameSpite Journal 12 Preview

  1. It’s one of those beautiful things that seems obvious as soon as you see it. Lookin’ good, Jeremy.

  2. Grew up a Nintendo fan, so I never understood what people saw in SEGA. The arcade-y experiences seemed so shallow to me, though I’ve come to appreciate Treasure’s Genesis games. I look forward to this issue!

    • Hey, I did too. But there were quite a few deep experiences to be had on the system as well. Phantasy Star IV and Shining Force I & II immediately come to mind.

      And yes, Treasure games are awesome. You might just see something written about them in the issue. ;)

  3. I’ve had the money for the hardcover set aside ever since I saw the teaser at the end of book 11.

  4. As one of the people who clamored for more Sega coverage… thank you. This looks fantastic, especially that Master System grid background.

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