The latest madness inflicted upon the world

Oh, hey, I think I forgot to force this week’s 1UP cover story down your throat. Really sorry about that. You know, our work is super important and your life will be woefully incomplete unless you experience the magical words that we have blended into a delicious slurry of commentary for your edification. So, please, enjoy our look back at the first chunk of 2012 and the second half to come. It’s basically a end-of-year retrospective, written halfway through. It’s not a bad idea! People always forget the first half of the year when they do their year-end wrap-ups. Now we don’t have to feel bad about it.

9 thoughts on “The latest madness inflicted upon the world

  1. I dig Marty’s “Where Do They Go From Here?” piece – some fun ideas in there. Also the piece on the use of silence and ambient sound in The Last of Us couldn’t help but remind me how Bungie did the same thing in Marathon 2 almost 17 years ago…

  2. Oh, and just in case you hadn’t noticed while tweaking the new layout, the labels for the fields in the comment entry section aren’t showing up. Right now you just have to guess (which isn’t to hard since they’re the same as the old site).

  3. I like the Last of Us article. The lack of music in the demo really works for the game. It adds to the brutality because it makes it more believable.

    Naughty Dog, man.

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