10 thoughts on “E3 report, #1

  1. And to think that people on the internet sometimes call you a Nintendo fanboy…

  2. Not going to lie, the idea of a 360 controller with a Nintendo D-pad kind of sounds like the best thing ever.

  3. I’m not a 360 console fan but I personally find the 360 controller to be incredibly comfortable so I am excited for this Wii U controller, glad to see Nintendo embrace what works in terms of controller design after trying their hardest to “reinvent the wheel”.

    I also like how everyone is quick to defend (or hate) this controller but if Sony or Microsoft so much as had a single button look like a Nintendo button everyone would rage that they were ripping them off.

    IMO everyone needs to chill out, for better or worse everyone copies what works.

  4. To be fair, Microsoft went HD as far back as XBox 1 in 2001.

    It’s just that they were more aggressive about it with the 360.

  5. I once sent an E-Mail to nintendo.com complaining about the GBA being designed like a SNES controller with two buttons inexplicably hacked off. I got a response to the effect of “Give it a chance; people were skeptical about the N64 controller and now it’s acknowledged as one of the best controllers ever.” Which I suppose is why the GameCube controller looked so much like a Dual Shock.

    I don’t really get why Nintendo seems to be the only company that wants to run away screaming from the four-face-buttons-in-a-diamond controller design that was standardized by Nintendo.

    (Or, similarly, why it took Sony so damn long to put a right stick on a portable system.)

  6. Please continue putting all your e3 coverage in the form of drawings, thanks in advance~

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