Part two

You guys are amazing. I didn’t expect a lot of people to pitch into the 2D platformer wiki page, but wow — it’s exploded. With hugeness! Some people have been splitting hairs (“Does x game really belong? Is it OK to include y platform?”). Don’t split hairs! I believe in the art of building an oversized list which you then whittle down to the essentials. You guys are great.

So, I’m going to push my luck with a parallel venture pinning down my second favorite genre: 2D action RPGs. You know, like Soul Blazer, or The Legend of Zelda, or Rocket Slime. Or Symphony of the Night. Yeah, that’s right. Overlap. Please feel free to help out with that one, too!

And now I go to sleep so I can drive to E3 tomorrow before the sun is up. Huzzah.

11 thoughts on “Part two

  1. Commence discussion about if the Legend of Zelda is an action RPG after all…apart from Zelda 2, which even I think is one.

  2. Addendum: I should of course tell what the Zelda games are IMHO.

    Wait for it…


    Action Adventures

    • Who gives a crap? The point of this project isn’t meaningless genre pedantry but chronicling the evolution of a format. Like I said, don’t split hairs.

      • Sorry if that seemed cranky. It’s just that I find few things as tedious as arguments about genre, as if it matters what label you put on a game.

  3. O_O Another one of my favourite genres…
    Oh well, there goes the weekend, I guess.

    Thanks a lot, Jeremy ;-)

  4. I added Lufia II, but now I’m having doubts. It has e.g. button-pressing, clay pots, and real-time sword strikes (to stun enemies). But all actual battling is done on a separate screen. What does everyone think?

  5. I’m not sure if I should be happy about my knowledge or worried about it given how many i managed to add off the top of my head.

  6. I understand the desire to not split hairs about genre but Metroid(s) probably shouldn’t be in the list.

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