Start your day with some totally great music

For your amusement: “Theme One”/”A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers Pt. 1”:

A video wherein Van Der Graaf Generator rocks out to their own rendition of the BBC One theme before performing one of their moodiest and most interesting pieces. Live in studio, which is how every band should record, ever. It creates honest performances without excess fixes but without the noise and interruptions of a concert audience.

I am still trying to wrap my head around Van Der Graaf Generator after a couple of decades. Songs like “Plague” are kind of incredible, but it’s such a strange band. I do wish musicians were allowed to be unrepentantly ugly and perform unironically for the camera while surrounded by a sea of candles. And have an organist and saxophonist with a math teacher ‘stache, but no guitarist. Also: Sparklers.

If you dig this (daddy-o), check out the album Pawn Hearts, whence it and several other very interesting pieces of music hail. The 2005 remaster even included the bonus track “Theme One.” Bonus!