GameSpite Journal 10: Street Fighter Alpha 2

The Super NES era consistently caught me by surprise. Secret of Mana was amazing! Super Metroid somehow managed to exist without my knowing about it until after launch! But perhaps most startling of all was Street Fighter Alpha 2, which showed up in the twilight days of the system and somehow made me care about Street Fighter again. I didn’t even mind the way a cartridge somehow suffered from load times. Or the random dropped frames. Seriously, how did this game exist on Super NES? Wizard people, dear readers.

4 thoughts on “GameSpite Journal 10: Street Fighter Alpha 2

  1. I’m with you and the author of this piece. It was always seriously impressive to me that they did as well as they did with the port. The work Capcom did on this game was absolutely amazing, and compromised port it may be, it’s still eminently playable.

  2. They should have kept going and done a 48-megabit Street Fighter Alpha 3 on the SNES. 1998 wouldn’t have been too late to release a major SNES game!

    • What, the GameBoy Advance version wasn’t good enough for you?

      (It was for me! Shame about the cartridge size limiting the developers, though.)

  3. Gotta love those late gen miracles.

    SFA1 for the GBC, though… they should have never attempted that.

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