GameSpite Journal 10: Tetris Attack

Hey gang, we’re almost done with GameSpite Journal 10 posts! Then you’ll be forced to read about things that aren’t Super NES games. My sympathies. I guess you’ll just have to slog through this loving tribute to the wonderful masterpiece that is Tetris Attack. I know. Life sucks sometimes.

Normally I link to articles with a piece of official art, but I found some wonderful Tetris Attack artwork here and just had to celebrate it:

Go rack up some hits on that guy’s page and make him feel good for being so rad. I like when talented people on the Internet do neat stuff in honor of great things.

7 thoughts on “GameSpite Journal 10: Tetris Attack

  1. “Wonderful masterpiece” indeed. Certainly one of the best games ever made, so many hours spent on 2 Minute Time Trial vs. mode. And glad to see the essay point out that puzzle game aesthetics are important! One of the best OSTs ever.

    Happy to read about things that are not Super NES games, so long as they are things that are PSX games. Still waitin on the remainder of Issue 8!

  2. I do love SNES, and I’ve been enjoying the replays GameSpite 10 has inspired me to, but it’ll be nice to have a change.

  3. To be honest, I’m a little worn out on the SNES articles. Such is the nature of this issue’s theme, I guess. They’re all well-presented and well-written, but their short nature sometimes leaves me wanting something a little more in-depth.

  4. Kirby didn’t really look like Kirby in Kirby’s Avalanche. Plus, he never talks!

    TA was always one of those games I appreciated but could never fully master the way other people can. Too fast for me. Too often I would find myself doing the random tile shuffle.

  5. People can be worn out of talk about SNES games? That’s like being worn out of the interne-oh. Right. Anyway, I for one have loved this SNES-focused series of articles and really need to think about investing in a copy of Journal 10…

    Oh, and since the comments for that Maison Ikkoku post are locked, I’ll say this here: The comics store you went to was Gosh! Comics opposite the British Museum (human history rather than natural!), which sadly closed down in the past year or two, after being a respected institution for decades. It was my go-to comic store all through my childhood and teens, anyway. Sad times.
    I believe they’ve more recently reopened in a new location, so I really need to check that out…

    • Yeah, Gosh! Comics. I remember that now. I thought it was Goshi at first, because Super Mario RPG had come out a couple months before was there and there were all those -oshi characters (Boshi, etc.).

  6. This was always one of my favorite Super Nintendo games. I became quite good at it, and to this day, I still play it with my roommates often.

    Funny thing is, Tetris Attack gets far more use than both of our 360s combined.

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