GameSpite Journal 11: Dawn of War II

My goodness. Two articles about different Relic-developed PC strategy games for Windows appearing within the span of a week? First Company of Heroes, now Dawn of War II. Man. I may need to go have a lie-down. GameSpite Journal 11 is out of control.

Actually, GameSpite Journal 11 is pretty incredible, to be honest. My final printed copy arrived today and it’s just gorgeous. It’s still not perfect — I’m not happy with some of the layouts in retrospect, and bolding game titles to mimic the formatting of the website was a terrible idea that I’ll never do again — but that simple, bright cover looks amazing on the shelf. GameSpite has featured some pretty great covers, especially the ones by Philip Armstrong, but the latest volume stands out form the rest due to the contrast between its bold graphical elements and the clean elegance of the typography. Now I have to uphold this standard for the remainder of the book’s run. I’m doomed.

And, as a quick reminder (since the original message has scrolled off the blog’s front page), book orders can be had for 20% with the coupon code NEWRMN20 for the remainder of the month. But of course you can also read this stuff for free. I would never even consider pressuring you, so long as you do read it one way or another.

5 thoughts on “GameSpite Journal 11: Dawn of War II

  1. I would totally purchase the Gamespite book if I was a) rich, and/or b) didn’t live in such a far-off land.

    If it’s any consolation, I did just purchase volume 1 of Maison Ikkoku… (?)

    • You are not, friend. Homeworld introduced me to Relic, and Samuel Barber’s Angus Dei (Adagio for Strings).

      Not to mention it’s how you can easily tell a very good minimalist story.

  2. I love this book, it may be the best writing the Gamespite group has produced yet. Thanks guys, it’s a pleasure reading it. (Still not done! I only read a few articles at a time to lengthen the experience.)

    But… one layout quibble. The paragraph indentation is, I feel, too large. For example, my academic papers have much less severe paragraphs indentations, and I like their look better. Example:

  3. Yup, it’s beautiful. I got my copy the other day. So pretty, especially in color! Thanks for all the hard work on the layout, Jeremy, and thank you to everyone that contributed, I’m really enjoying reading it!

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