5 thoughts on “GameSpite Journal 11: Breath of Fire III

  1. I actually share a lot of Nadia’s criticisms. That whole Rhapala affair is tedious and horrible and to make it worse, completely unnecessary from a plot perspective. You end up going through the freaking volcano anyway! It’s just… awful. So bad. And it goes on forever. Afterwards though things pick right up. And the Volcano dungeon is pretty fun. In fact, aside from the lighthouse, I found the dungeons a lot more fun than I remembered them being as a kid. My reaction was more like “Ugh, god. I remember this friggin’ place… oh wait. Maybe I don’t?”

  2. Good writeup. What year was it, exactly, that “the store was pushed out of the shopping center to make room for a luxury clothing store”?

  3. I remember a fine summer dedicated to this game as well. However, the first two rentals left me very uninterested. Remembering the ballsy second game (also dealing with God — how in the hell did Nintendo let them get away with that??) I gave it a third try and fell in love. I do remember some of the dungeons being quite a pain, but for my money nothing beats the entire first half as young Ryu. The amount of drama and betrayals is heavy, but it almost seemed well played — it hit home hard. Regrouping with everyone as an adult (friend or foe) also built off of the earlier quest very successfully.

    But if we’re going to look at it simply on the perspective of game enjoyment, yeah, they screwed around with us a lot.

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