9 thoughts on “GSJ10: Dragon Quest VI

  1. Dragon Quest VI is definitely one of my favorites. As far as original releases go, I never cottoned to DQV like I did DQVI, but something about playing the game again on DS really revealed the masterpiece of story that was the fifth game in the series.

    That aside, I was going to be seriously ticked had DQVI not come out over here. Having played the game in (mostly) translated form, it’s up there with the all-time SNES greats, and the sheer amount of stuff that can be done with the class system makes for some really interesting setups and strategy, most of which needs to be planned out a bit in advance, almost in a D&D-lite manner. The DS version definitely does justice to the game, although I’m still partial to the very clean spritework in the original release.

  2. I should probably buy the sucker, but I never got around to beating DQ9 and I feel like it would be silly to start another one before I do that.

    • I don’t think anyone can blame you for not beating DQ9. It’s a great game, but the sheer length of it is ridonkulous.

      • Different strokes for different folks. The lack of character development in DQIX was a turnoff for a part of the fanbase, and from what I remember, DQIV-VI had it in spades.

  3. Before you die leave a heartfelt letter in the deepest depths of a cave. Some merry adventurers may find it in years to come. Only, the letter, your last work, will be coveted by an evil ogre who’ll need smoting before the party can read the it, making its contents all the sweeter and sadder!

  4. Dragon Quest VI is still Dragon Quest, so I still like it, but I do think it’s one of the weaker games in the series. To find a less interesting story, you have to go all the way back to DQII. It’s truer than true that it lacks the high emotion of V, but that if anything is understating the case. The characters are incredibly bland (though the party-talk feature in the DS version DOES help with this a bit), and jeez is the story ever a mess. I never really got a firm grasp on which world was which and who was from where and what the relationship between the two was and why I should care.

    I still put an embarrassing number of hours into it, though!

  5. I think this is definitely the weakest of the Zenithian Trilogy, but the class system is amazing and is my favorite mechanic from any Dragon Quest game. Most of the characters are lame and forgettable (why is that kid in the glasses even a thing?), which is a pretty big deal considering both IV and V have enjoyable characters. It’s too bad Trunks doesn’t join your party until like 3/4 of the way through the game cause he’s totally awesome.

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