3 thoughts on “GameSpite Journal 10: Clock Tower

  1. I can’t take Clock Tower seriously when seeing it in the context of photos and sprites or videos set to Benny Hill, but in the actual context of the game it can get really creepy. Except for the murderous parrot, that’s just hilarious any way you look at it.

    Clock Tower really knows how to use sounds and random factors to great effect. You may end up seeing a cat run out of the bathroom in one game, but in another Bobby Barrows could pop out of that same bathroom and slowly chase after you with scissors in hand.

    You never truly feel safe in the Barrows residence, even when the RNG plays in your favor.

  2. The original Clock Tower is one of greats of horror games. Hell, I’d almost consider the greatest, as it has a sense of unease that I’ve never really seen matched elsewhere. It’s a shame the sequels seem unable to recapture its gestalt.

    That aside, unimportant point, but did the rights really pass onto Capcom? Clock Tower 3 is copyrighted by them and Sunsoft, and recent rereleases for the Virtual Console and PSN seem to list the latter as the publisher. Might explain why early plans for Haunting Ground to be Clock Tower 4 didn’t pan out, despite it being far truer in spirit to the earlier games than the third was.

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