GameSpite Journal 10: Mystic Ark

The one game in this issue I knew absolutely nothing about before the story was filed is the one that has the most readily available — not to mention gorgeous — official supporting art available online? Well, that’s weird, but I’ll take it. Between illustrations like the one above and Phil Armstrong’s gushing write-up, I really want to play Mystic Ark now. Too bad life hates me and I’ll never have time!

7 thoughts on “GameSpite Journal 10: Mystic Ark

  1. This makes me want to play Mystic Ark.

    Heck, this makes me want to play The 7th Saga, and then Mystic Ark, just so I can see the changes between the two.

  2. I couldn’t keep going in this game. I played for something like 5 hours before I got past the “intro” and could actually add a second character. Up till then I was holding out with the hope that these other characters were actual characters with personalities, or that there was an actual plot that would develop, but no that didn’t happen either.

    • Yeah, Mystic Ark is the rare RPG that isn’t about character or plot. I guess it shares a lot in common with Earthbound in the respect. Earthbound keeps our interest because it focuses on charming little scenarios. Mystic Ark does it by playing with our expectations.

  3. Wow, yeah, this is definitely one of those “why have I never heard of this game?” games, though I suppose the “sequel to someth9ing horribly broken” and “pain in the ass to translate” factors explain it. Thanks for the write-up, Loki!

  4. By the way, Mogri’s The 7th Saga Let’s Play just finished up, and it’s a good ‘un. Go check it out!

    I’ve played a bit of this, and got stuck and didn’t come back to it. I don’t necessarily think that is a reflection on the quality of the game so much as a lack of time, and that I’m easily distracted by other gaming baubles.

    Another interesting tidbit is that two groups finished translating this game within a few weeks of each other. Surprising, actually. I tend to lean towards AGTP, but there are some vets involved in Dynamic-Designs’ version as well, so give them both a try.

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