Feelin’ not-so-groovy

Yeah. I feel like the anti-Simon-and-Garfunkel. As I sit here, I can feel my sinuses filling up with mucus. It’s pretty neat.

Anyway, I’m going to try posting some of these Today’s Swapnotes here and see how different the reaction is from when I post them at 1UP. The right content for the right venue, and all that.



11 thoughts on “Feelin’ not-so-groovy

  1. As a pun and wordplay enthusiast, I enjoyed those. It makes me with I had a 3DS and that there was way to subscribe to peoples’ swapnote feeds. Swapspite category?

  2. If you really need to feel anti-Simon and Garfunkel…. think Harpers Bizarre.

    Could be the worst (or best) cover ever.

  3. I know it’s been said by every person with any awareness of Swapnote, but the people at Nintendo were crazy for not making a Hatena-style way to share these. I hope they rectify the error before some sneaky iOS developer clones and Twitterfies the concept.

  4. I’m thrilled to see any Swapnotes you’re willing to share, though it just makes me angrier that Nintendo didn’t foresee the need for greater community sharing support, or unlimited Friend Lists.

    The most pleasant things about Swapnotes are the intangible pleasures: finding one or many unexpectedly on your 3DS, the tiny twinge of excitement before opening one, the sounds that accompany reading them, the 3D effects. . . I know, I need to get a life, but I like Swapnotes for all that.

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