GSJ10: The little screen goes big

The Super Game Boy! I had one of these. Well, not one of these in the photo, because I owned an American Super NES rather than a European model. But it was my gateway to countless Game Boy classics, being that the first portable system I ever owned was a Game Boy Color purchased at its Japanese launch. And when I say “countless” I basically mean “Metroid II” and “Link’s Awakening,” because I was young and foolish and very, very poor, so I couldn’t bring myself to pay money for mere portable games. Still, having access to two such essential games made the accessory worth the price.

And I am still pretty horked off that Nintendo didn’t bother to include Super Game Boy support for the 3DS Virtual Console. It’s always something with those people.

11 thoughts on “GSJ10: The little screen goes big

  1. I just can’t bring myself to buy Donkey Kong ’94 off the 3DS Virtual Console due to lack of Super Game Boy support. It’s just incomplete without it…

    • I hear you, although I did so just to show support for that type of game vs. the constant Lemmings-esque stuff they keep giving us now. I’ve yet to actually play it, and if I’m inclined, I’m more likely to go to my SGB original.

  2. This is kind of old now, but I don’t ever recall it being passed around as much as it should have been between nerds like us:

    It’s a pretty awesome analysis of what the SGB hardware itself could do, but usually didn’t. It’s also refreshingly non-technical-yet-informative. Very much recommended reading.

    • That was a great read. I am filled with knowledge and respect. And like I even needed any more reason to love Donkey Kong ’94.

      Nintendo Power released a guide that gave pallet recommendations for different parts of various popular pre-Super Gameboy games. I remember the ones for Link’s Awakening were really evocative, rationalizing pallet choices such as a mostly brown and yellow one as the dungeon’s walnut paneled hallways, and so on. I was so enamored with the idea of these dungeons being differentiated by the color choice I played through the game entirely following the guide, building custom pallets whenever it said so. The experience was less than advertised, But still, great bit of descriptive writing that.

    • Yeah, I remember reading that recently, it was really cool. But, it also highlighted all the untapped potential of the Super Game Boy.

  3. Got a lot of use out of my Super Game Boy, still have it, love that thing. Giving Zelda those simple shades of green and brown made a big difference. And the enhanced game I played the most was Contra: The Alien Wars. I, uh… never owned the SNES version of that.

  4. The Super Game Boy was great. One of the reasons I got one was to play Donkey Kong on the big screen, with all the cool enhancements. I was late to the party, so Donkey Kong was actually my first GB game. Talk about setting the bar high.

    By the way, Mario vs. Donkey Kong is quite similar, but at the same time, it just doesn’t seem to have that same magic as DK ’94. But it’s still good, and I’ve been playing it occasionally on my 3DS.

    Oh, and fond memories of trying to speed run levels. I wonder if my old records are still there. I absolutely scorched the first four stages. :)

  5. That post above feels like it was plucked straight from my mind, except replace “Metroid II” with “Mega Man 4.”

    …and “Game Boy Color” with “Game Boy Advance SP” (benefits of marriage notwithstanding).

  6. It occurred to me: not only does the 3DS not support the Super Game Boy stuff, but the Game Boy Player for the GameCube didn’t either, did it? I seem to recall that driving me nuts.

    • Nope, it sure didn’t. One of the more annoying “features” of the Game Boy Player. Still, that’s a great device to have, even with that particular shortcoming.

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