GSJ10: Super fighting robot Mk. X

Look out, Ekkusu-san! Launch Octopold is going to shoot you! 

I’ve always wanted to play the original concept for X, which apparently featured Zero as some kind of awesome futuristic cop. A robo-cop of sorts, I guess. But my desire to play it isn’t that strong, because after all Mega Man X is quite simply one of the greatest games of all time. I would put it in my top 50 without hesitation. After all, he who hesitates is lost. And who wants to be lost? Not me, that’s for sure.

13 thoughts on “GSJ10: Super fighting robot Mk. X

  1. I kind of wish I hadn’t played Mega Man X, just so I could say “I gonna do what I should have done years ago!!!”.

  2. X1 is easily my favorite Mega Man game. Its charming style, slick mechanics, and careful attention to detail all remain unparalleled.

    • I like how doing stages in different order causes stage changes elsewhere. I also like the Sigma as former hunter turned rebel story. Not really fleshed out till Maverick Hunter X, but cool none the less. Starting the cycle of infinite Zero resurrections? Less so

  3. Just seeing that picture instantly makes the the first stage music pop into my mind. I think only my favorite games make this kind of impact on me. I have the same experience with Secret of Mana and the 16 bit final fantasy games.
    For a more recent example, when I think of Alan Wake the sucking/wind blowing through trees sound that occurs when the baddies attack always comes to mind. Good stuff.

  4. I ended up with the PC port of this, which was _almost_ as good as the SNES version. There were a few minute differences in the controls, but nothing that kept one from enjoying the game. And enjoy it I did.

    I do have the SNES version, now, by the way.

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