GSJ10: Egg-suckin’, duded-up, gutter trash

In the ’90s, this style of box art accompanied a fairly rollicking and violent game about punching goons across lovely Old West landscapes. These days, you’d only see this style of illustration on some horrifyingly meaningless casual Wii game. This industry needs to remember how to make good box art again.

12 thoughts on “GSJ10: Egg-suckin’, duded-up, gutter trash

  1. I beat this on the hardest difficulty with Carmano without losing a life when i was ten. This game was awesome, especially coop. I always had fond memories of this game, especially since my cousin had this game and he would always bring it over to the house. “Bury me with my money!”

  2. If I’m not mistaken, another change from the arcade version was the removal of native enemies (bow and arrows and all) from the level that had the native american boss, who did stay intact. Curious bit of censorship, that.

  3. Capcom got it right with the Mega Man 9 and 10 box arts. Definitely the right old-school flavor to bring to the games. Too bad those weren’t viewable on retail shelves since it was download only.

  4. If that shotgun-totting basketball-man is lighting his cigar with a stick of dynamite he is officially the manliest villain ever.

  5. Great Scott! I didn’t expect to see another Back to the Future reference, and I just watched the Trilogy on BD.

    And why is there no mention of Wild Guns? Tin Star? Why does Sunset Riders get all the credit for SNES Old West games?

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