GSJ10: Out of the shadows and into the light

Shadowrun for Super NES is so cool. It’s basically Neuromancer the video game, minus the chick they ripped off to create Trinity for The Matrix. Also, with cyber-furries. Look, I don’t profess to understand the mythos of the Shadowrun property, but I do think that classic isometric RPGs should be obligated by law to be compiled on a portable system like the PS Vita or something so that I can play them forever in the comfort of… well, wherever I want to play them, really.

9 thoughts on “GSJ10: Out of the shadows and into the light

  1. Yes, there need to be more portable versions of isometric games. I remember when I decided to play the first two Fallout games before New Vegas came out I was really really wishing I was playing them on a handheld.

    Also, is there anyway to play these Shadowrun games without the original cartridges, or have they been lost to time?

  2. Times like this, buying a cartridge (for the sake of proprietary) and then running an emulator on a smartphone is deemed wholly worthwhile. Many emulators now support the iControlPad too.

  3. I recall this game very fondly. And I concur that these kinds of classic titles would play very nicely portably. I suspect that has a bit to do with why there’s so many rpg titles for the PSP and DS so far. :)

  4. I don’t look back at too many western-made SNES games with fond memories, but Shadowrun is definitely one of the exceptions. The game does feel small and short, but the world’s lore and graphic adventure/RPG mix really make it stand out.

    In short, I wish the guys behind this had gotten to make another Shadowrun RPG. It would’ve been worlds better than that cookie cutter FPS thing.

  5. So if I’ve played Shadowrun, hated The Matrix, and have seen Johnny Mnemonic 50 odd times… should I read Neuromancer?

    I know nothing about it besides what has slipped into the cultural lexicon.

    • It is a good sci-fi story, and all the better when you realize that its concepts and terminology didn’t exist until it was published.

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