Slice of life

I discovered tonight why food blogging is a bad idea for a games writer when I sliced the tip off my thumb. Gonna be difficult to game or write until that grows back. On the plus side, I currently have no fingerprint there, so I can commit crimes with impunity.

25 thoughts on “Slice of life

    • I realized this morning that “sliced off the tip of your [digit]” didn’t mean in the Yakuza sense. I thought you went bare knuckle there, and “grew back” either implied “re-attached” or that you are capable of regeneration of lost appendages.

      You meant, you sliced off the skin on the fingerprint area of your thumb; which I’d usually refer to as the “pad” but I’m sure that isn’t medically correct.

      What a relief.

      • The puck thing that comes with the mandoline is useless. But after a couple close calls and numerous warning from AB on Good Eats, I got myself a cut-resistant glove. Makes me feel much more comfortable, doubly so now that I someone I “know” has actually been injured.

      • The sad thing is I was making one last cutting stroke before switching to the puck. Afterwards, I learned about the gloves. I am so getting some of those.

  1. I can tell you from experience, better the tip of a finger than a slice out of the side of a finger right on the knuckle where it bends.

  2. Sympathy

    I did something similar with a cheese slicer a few years ago. It was… exciting.

    Avoid snapping. Don’t repeat my mistake.

  3. thank buddah that it’ll grow back. My brother put his hand in a rotating blade of death and now he can only use and have feeling in his thumb and pointer finger

  4. Sometimes I think about how much it would impact my hobbies if I ever seriously damaged or, God forbid, lost one of my thumbs. It suddenly makes me feel very vulnerable. You have my sympathy. Just be glad your alternate hobby is cooking and not something like woodworking or fireworks.

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