12 thoughts on “GJS10: Bashi bazooka

  1. Hm. Come to think of it, it would probably be pretty easy to rig up SNES9X to work with whatever gun attachment they sell for the Wii.

    (Easy given that I’ve already set Windows to Test Mode and installed and configured both PPJoy and WiiMouse, I mean. Frankly all of that is kind of a pain in the ass.)

    I had Yoshi’s Safari and remember it being a fun if too-easy on-rails shooter through various SMW settings. Even had a two-player mode where somebody could grab a controller and do stuff like move Yoshi side-to-side and make him jump.

    Don’t think I ever played Battle Clash.

  2. Ha, nice reference to “Bashi Bazook: Morphoid Masher”. And really, with a name like that, it’s completely incomprehensible that they wouldn’t release the game here.

  3. To be honest, I’ve never owned/used a Super Scope, either. As much as I love Virtual Console, one of the things that’s disappointed me the most is that there haven’t been any of Nintendo’s light gun games on the service.

    Well I guess they would have to program in pointer emulation and program out the flashes, and nothing’s quite as satisfying as the trigger twang of an actual Zapper, but I’d love for games like Duck Hunt, Yoshi’s Safari, and Battle Clash to be brought into a playable format that works with all these fancy modern TVs that don’t work with those peripherals now. Even if it has to be a compilation disc.

  4. I also have never used a Super Scope, although I remember my neighbor had one and I was awestruck when I first saw it. Of course I was like five at the time.

  5. I had one, but didn’t keep it… in hindsight, I wish I had. More than that, I wish Nintendo would remake their Zapper/Super Scope titles for use with the Wii Remote/Zapper.

    Go figure: they finally have a console where such games are a natural, and don’t even take advantage of it…

    As for Yoshi’s Safari, that was an awesome game, and I want to play it again.

  6. I in fact played and beat Yoshi’s Safari recently. The novelty of “hey, a Mario game, sort of, that I’ve never played!” was kind of cool, but the games was really shallow, easy, and short. Not exactly a killer app.

  7. I wouldn’t care about the Super Scope if BattleClash and Metal Falcon weren’t two of my favorite games ever. But they’d be good games with any gun controller so yeah.

  8. The Super Scope was so obviously ill-conceived that even at the height of my Nintendo fandom I was completely uninterested in it. A friend of mine got one, though, so I had a chance to play with it and verify that it was trash. At least in Smash Bros. it lives up to its image.

  9. I know the bazooka design was goofy, but I was happily playing with my pull-string Pee-Wee Herman doll and Bucky O’Hare action figures in the days when this thing was released. Goofiness was not a deterrent.

    I was too poor to afford video games, but so many of my friends had a Super Scope, and I never got to play with it. Not as a video game controller, at least. I’d rummage through their toys and try to hoist the monstrosity on my tiny little shoulders, but that was the extent of it.

    I had played enough Duck Hunt to know what it was supposed to do; in my experience, however, it was never more than a chunk of inert plastic. It never worked in conjunction with video games. It never worked at all because it never contained a complete set of working batteries. And that’s why I feel confident saying that the real downfall of the Super Scope was its power consumption.

    I don’t think any of my friends hated Super Scope 6 or Yoshi’s Safari, but those games weren’t Super Mario World. You could do better. If you really started jonesing for some light-gun action, you could fire up the NES. Shooting a purple and gray bazooka at Tetrominos was fun, I guess, but so was Gotcha! The Sport, and you didn’t have to beg you mom to buy a new pack of D-cells every two hours to play that.

  10. Battle Clash is such an amazing game with such good music.

    And I think the Super Scope should still work with modern TVs since it’s the receiver that does the work and not the TV, right?

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