GSQ8: What if that star is not to come?

Did you know that when I first launched this site for reals, as the kids say, one of the primary features was a useful yet very tongue-in-cheek strategy guide for Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete? Well, for the freshly-launched demo, anyway. The plan was to follow through and do the whole game, but then I discovered that the official strategy guide took the exact same approach. Fearing redundancy, I decided to follow a completely different tack for the site from there on.

This is in no way significant, but it does mean that GameSpite and Lunar go way back. Jake Alley’s retrospective is therefore just taking the site way, way back — back to its roots.

Whoa, what’s LaVar Burton doing here!?

7 thoughts on “GSQ8: What if that star is not to come?

    • I haven’t played it, but I assume that question would be answered by noting whether or not John Truitt is in it. I think he’s not, but don’t quote me on that; I think it’s because Victor Ireland resorted to seemingly gangster-like tactics to get most of the original cast to embargo the localization of that version. I wish I had his quotes in front of me at the moment, but they left on me the impression of “I’m just a gangster, I suppose. And I want my corners.”

  1. I enjoyed PSP version quite a bit. I’m sad that I’ll probably never get to play the sequel. It’s strange that Silver Star got so many remakes but Eternal Blue only got one or two. Was the second game not as good?

    • The second game was phenomenal. I’m still mostly partial to the original version of the game as opposed to the PSX version.

      • Hm. Well, having never played any version of Eternal Blue, maybe I’m better off focusing on that than buying the PSP remake of 1.

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