Trek Trek: I’ve got faith (of the heart)

I finished the pilot episode of Enterprise today. The sexy rubdown parts weren’t nearly as pandering as I remembered; they’re just weird. I think they were meant to be ironic, since the two characters slathering sexy gel all over one another’s bodies were having a passive-aggressive, hateful discussion with each other as they did their saucy massage. It didn’t quite work. Instead, it’s more like Trek costume foreplay, with Trip the nerd man role-playing the part of McCoy as he forces his girlfriend to pretend to be she-Spock. Ick.

The story wrapped up decently enough, although the good guys were lucky the bad guys only shoot to wound. I’d forgotten the whole “temporal cold war” thing, though, but it’s pretty much the most bone-stupid concept ever based on the name alone.

And to clarify something I wrote yesterday — I like the design of the Enterprise NX-01! I just feel like the finishing is too much like the Enterprise 1701-E, which is just shamefully inappropriate, how dare they, etc. etc.

FYI, these write-ups won’t be a daily thing. I’m just kicking things off. Please do not abandon GameSpite in droves!

8 thoughts on “Trek Trek: I’ve got faith (of the heart)

    • I don’t have time to make it daily and still post content that people actually come here to read. I’ll probably update Trek Trek once or twice a week.

  1. What really turned me off, aside from the theme muzak, the generally bad writing, the uselessness of the first mate character (exactly what does a bland Bakula clone bring to the party?), the anachronistic design, the infinitely superior origin stories available as old Star Trek novels (Enterprise)…, what really turned me off was that the vulcans behaved as though they all had really bad PMS. All the time. For no reason.

    I didn’t watch past the first episode, and I don’t see why you wouldn’t spend the time on Babylon 5, ST:DS9 or BSG instead. It’s simply not going to end well!

    At this point, I consider anything after TOS non-canon. They’ve fucked Roddenberry’s corpse enough.

    • Not that I love Enterprise, but if you honestly didn’t watch past the pilot, I’m not sure you can pass any sort of judgement on the show as a whole.

      Besides, the other three shows you suggested have some pretty dumb things in them too. TV sci-fi is basically always going to be silly in one way or another.

  2. I wouldn’t mind seeing Trek Trek (or TrekSpite, or whatever) being a semi-regular thing around here. Then again, I also love pickle juice.

    Anyway, the Trip/whatserface dynamic always struck me as one of the more lazily-conceived bits of Enterprise – the producers essentially took McCoy and Spock’s desire to hatefuck each other into oblivion, gave Spock tits, traded McCoy ‘s scalpel for a wrench and turned subtext into text when cooking up that relationship for Enterprise.

    I like that doctor guy, though!

    • I feel like this criticism of T’Pol/Trip needs some context. Every Star Trek has a Spock-clone that doesn’t have emotions (or feels the way we do), is hyper-logical, and struggles with their alien-ness/wishes to be human. And every Trek has the opposite character that is super emotional/relies on empathy/is completely illogical. And you know what? In just about every case, they’ve fucked:

      TNG: Data and Tasha Yar (arguably the more brash and instinctual character while she was on the show) and then again with Troi and Worf.

      DS9: Odo and Major Kira.

      Voyager: Tuvok and Neelix literally join their bodies to become one person – Tuvix.

      So is it unoriginal? Sure. But it’s also just one of those things that every Star Trek does and has slowly become about. Criticizing Enterprise for doing something every Star Trek since TNG has done doesn’t really make sense to me. At least Enterprise has the decency to make the relationship interesting and evolve in a halfway organic manner (I’m looking at you, TNG).

  3. How about instead of not being a daily thing, just never again review Enterprise? Other Trek series I can take here fine, though.

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