Making my eyes spin around in tight little circles

The proof edition of GameSpite Journal 10 landed on my desk today, and it is pretty much fab. The larger size allows a lot more text per page (seriously, like 50-60% more per page), and the color….! Oh, it looks so good. It’ll be available in black and white for the budget-minded, but the color paperback should cost less than the usual B&W hardcover. I did my best to make this one both nice and affordable. It’s our definitive statement on the Super NES. How could I do anything less?


14 thoughts on “Making my eyes spin around in tight little circles

  1. Oh man I love ActRaiser.

    Recently played through a fan translation. Mostly it dispensed with the “Master”/”Tanzra” nonsense and just came out and called them God and Satan; plus it clarified a few plot points (in the ending the Angel tells you that Teddy’s lot was drawn, like it’s a big surprise even though you were told that flat-out; this translation made it clear that the surprise is supposed to be that Teddy rigged the drawing).

    Also I kinda love that the Japanese see the Abrahamic religions the same way we see, say, Norse mythology. Sometimes Yahweh’s just gotta possess a statue and go swordfight Satan.

    • It was a decade or more, after replaying Actraiser, that I first realized Soul Blazer’s, Illusion of Gaia’s, and Terranigma’s thematic connections to it.

      God, I miss Quintet.

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