Phantastic, not brotastic

I was a little alarmed at my deliberate use of the word “brotastic” in the title, but I’m far more concerned that the OS X spell-checker didn’t ding it as a type. What have you done, Apple!?

I finally remembered how to post GameSpite Quarterly/Journal content. Apparently it involves getting off my lazy butt. So, tonight I have for you a Matt Williams piece on Phantasy Star Online. Between this and the amusing PSO2 trailer I saw at Tokyo Game Show, I feel kind of sad I’ve never gotten into this series. Maybe Dragon Quest X will be the siren song that convinces me to play online. Otherwise I’ll probably just buy a couple of PSO action figures and pretend we’re all having an adventure together. Sad, right? That’s why I’m hoping for the best from DQX.

4 thoughts on “Phantastic, not brotastic

  1. Great read, Matt! That was an accessible, entertaining article – even for those of us who’ve never played PSO!

  2. well, shoot. About two months ago when I got back into the Dreamcast, I’d planned on writing a blog about getting into back into PSO. And then life got in the way, and in two months, I’ve only spent about 10 hours in the game – maybe 2 of which were spent online. I guess there’s no reason for me to post anything on my 1UP blog now, because I’m going to look like a follower! :)

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