I did my shopping in Japan at clothiers this year, but I haven’t completely abandoned old video games. I bought… one. But at least it’s an interesting one:

X, aka Star Fox: Embryo Edition. I’m looking forward to seeing what the big deal is.

Also, I was given a box of Crunky Nude Balls, for exactly the reason you’d assume: They have a very, very silly name.

5 thoughts on “Vestiges

  1. Excellent choice! (game-wise, I mean). I love X not only for its technical achievements on a console that’s barely more than a transistor radio, but also because of the history behind it. How often does it happen nowadays that a couple of teenager hackers show up at the doors of the biggest videogame company in the world, lecture them about the capabilities of their own hardware, and end up walking away with a job offer that will catapult them to stardom?
    Oh, and even though 3D didn’t take off during the Game Boy’s life, other developers took notice and hired Argonaut for similar projects: Days Of Thunder and Race Drivin’.

  2. Yeah, yeah, kill those floating triangles! If I’m just judging the game based on the box art, I’m calling it “Killer Triangles” with the tagline “There are three sides to every story.”

  3. I actually first heard of X after playing X-Scape, its DSiWare sequel. I really wish it had a fan translation, because it’s an interesting tech piece but seems pretty text-heavy.

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