Cheeky revelations

I posted a roundup of the most interesting merchandise I saw up for grabs at TGS, but I neglected to post the most revelatory — not to mention revealing — item I saw for sale. That would be the Cammy White Play Arts figure, whose callipygian backside is is right at eye level as you’re standing in line to enter the Square Enix booth.

I don’t think those little video game sprites ever gave me a proper indication of just how uncomfortable that unitard must be to fight in. I know ridiculously revealing outfits are the norm for video game ladies, but this might be the only one that makes my colon hurt just by looking at it.

Also, I don’t really think that attempt at camo paint is actually fooling anyone, Cammy.

7 thoughts on “Cheeky revelations

  1. Who in their right mind would buy a toy like this?

    The Dragon Quest toys are neat, though. And fully clothed.

  2. Oh god, that Seiken Densetsu music collection…. drool.

    I’d also be quite tempted by a Valkyria Chronicles iPhone case.

    And Retro Game Challenge shirts.

    Man, it’s a good thing I”m not at TGS.

    • Assuming you mean “callipygian,” I actually haven’t seen or used that word in ages and had to dust off a disused part of my brain to recall it. Then, about two hours after publishing this post, I came across it in “The Difference Engine” by Sterling & Gibson, which I read for the first time on this trip. Pretty weird coincidence.

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