Finally, a Robot Master with some common sense

Spotted in Shinjuku: A clothing store run by a former Dr. Wily employee.

Top Man, aka DWN-021, seems to have finally realized that he is in fact the worst Robot Master and gave up the globe-conquering business to establish his own clothiers. I can respect that kind of self-awareness.

Also, I plan to stop at the neighboring Top Shop later and pick up some Chrip-Chrip Shoes.

7 thoughts on “Finally, a Robot Master with some common sense

  1. Top Man was serious business. His level was one of the only ones where you couldn’t do the invulnerability trick.

  2. That store is huge in the UK. Mainly because of its massive range of Tshirts and the offers. 2 for 10, etcetera.

    I’m still waiting for the Cat alternative to this store.

  3. Top Man joins the ranks of Fire Man and Stone Man as one of the Robot Masters that have transcended the virtual dimension unto reality.

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