Stranger danger

I spotted this warning sign on a column in Shinjuku-eki last night and it set my mind to racing, trying to figure out the exact message the bulletin means to convey. I mean, I could ask someone to help me read the kanji I don’t understand, but as a former graphic designer I still believe in visual communication. The image alone should be enough. So.

“Parents: Please be alert for strange men who will try to lure your children to their deaths by snatching their hats and dangling them over the third rail with a Nintendo Ultra Hand.”

Alternate interpretations are welcome.

21 thoughts on “Stranger danger

  1. 線路に物を落された方は駅社員にお申し出下さい。

    “Honorable dudes who have dropped something on the tracks, please speak to a station employee.”

  2. It is amusing the possible implications, but I immediately saw it as “If you drop something off the platform,seek an employee to get it for you with the appropriate tools.” or “Don’t be an idiot, ask us for help. Don’t jump onto the tracks to grab your lost junk!”

  3. Senrou ni mono wo otosareta kata wa ekishain ni omooshide kudasai.

    “Hey, check out what happens when I hold this here”

  4. “Hey pigtails! This hat’s all that’s left of your mom after I used my bionic arm to shove her to her death.”

  5. Hold onto your hats kids because there wont always be a nice man to get it for you. You just have to look for the hidden/subliminal message that life as you get older is cruel and unfair.

  6. When the last of the World Heroes money dried up, Brocken took a job at the local aquarium. Gently placing giant snails in their tanks might not be glamorous work, but it kept him in scotch and cigarettes.

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