Quick apology before PAX

Dear loyal folks, I’ve had a box of the fourth subscriber book sitting next to my sofa for the past few weeks but have not had time to stuff them into envelopes and mail them off. Worse yet, I won’t have time this weekend, either, since I’ll be at PAX.

Please do not punch me.

6 thoughts on “Quick apology before PAX

  1. See, I’m still just trying to figure out why in the world someone would want to punch that dancer. Especially with a painful-looking punch like that. What did he do to deserve it? He just wanted to dance for those nice people in the subway; that too much to ask?

    Poor guy.

    (In this post, I demonstrate that I know very little about modern console games.)

  2. This is the proper response when someone’s tries to “serve” you with dance moves and insults.

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