GSQ8: What a horrible night to rock your face

I just realized that in posting content from GameSpite Quarterly 8, I’ve skipped over a few articles that don’t fall into the simple “critique of a single video game” rubric. Intolerable! So, I have posted Tomm Hulett’s excellent synopsis of the strengths and failings of the PlayStation Castlevania games to help fill the gaps. I even went and made pretty graphics for it.

I poured extra effort into making this article look nice, in fact, because Cat and I made the horrible, horrible mistake of renting “Your Highness” tonight and I desperately needed to compensate for that movie’s sheer intellectual inanity. I dunno, the previews made it look like it could go either way, and I figured, “Hey, this was the first movie Natalie Portman appeared in after she won her Oscar; she and her agent probably exercised something like quality control in picking her project.” Nope! This is one of those movies that Oscar winners make because they like to build a nest egg for themselves with low-investment throwaway projects. I’m just glad Portman didn’t die immediately after this one hit the theatres; it would have been sad if “Your Highness” ended up being to her what “Transformers: The Movie” and “Street Fighter: The Movie” were to Orson Welles and Raul Julia, respectively. I guess she lucked out. If it had been “Your Highness: The Movie,” all bets would have been off.

Anyway, I guess what I’m saying is, read this article, and for the love of God avoid “Your Highness.”

4 thoughts on “GSQ8: What a horrible night to rock your face

  1. That’s a shame, I like Danny McBride and thought Franco was pretty funny in Pineapple Express, though that movie rather fell apart towards the end.

  2. This might be my favorite article I’ve written for GameSpite, with the possible exception of my attack on Xenogears.

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