GSQ8: Neverland

I’ve always felt kind of bummed out that I was never able to play The Neverhood, since Neverhood, Inc. declined to put the game on Macintosh and I’m one of those idiots who just can’t bring himself to buy a Windows-compatible machine and thus misses out on lots of cool games. I don’t have any excuse for not having played Skull Monkeys, though. It’s a PlayStation game, and I’ve owned a PlayStation-family system nonstop for 15 years now. And so Mike Zeller has gone and written an article that makes me feel like a double-huge dope; editing the article inspired me to hunt down a copy of the game, and I still haven’t played it. I guess some people are just hopeless.

9 thoughts on “GSQ8: Neverland

  1. I tried to buy the soundtrack last year, along with some other Terry Scott Taylor stuff. It never came and they stopped responding to the emails. Still, someone got money for it so I don’t feel so bad about it residing on my hard drive. Second best game soundtrack for me.

  2. I missed the comments for the Star Trek II article, but after reading it, I’m pretty sure gaming’s equivalent is The Wind Waker.

  3. I saw a copy of The Neverhood at Half-Price Books a few days ago… for $45. That’s even cheaper than the price on Amazon, which explains why I’ve never played it.

  4. I find it odd that someone who seems so interested in games would willingly cut out roughly 60% of all the best games ever created, by refusing to get a PC. Just very…odd.

    • Thanks for your condescending feedback. I’m quite chastised by your judgment, not to mention the objectivity of your remarks.

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