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Aliens: Infestation is wonderful. If I could only buy one game for the rest of the year, it would be this one. (That’s kind of a cheat since I’ve already played Catherine, but whatevs!)

I wrote a strange, tongue-in-cheek blog post about Comic-Con and it flew like a lead zeppelin.

I saw He-Man’s junk :(

My dozens of astromech droids have found their new god.

If you watch only one video of Super Mario 3D‘s airship stage, it should be this one. The action is fairly mundane, but the ending is amazing.

9 thoughts on “Important information

  1. The ending truly was amazing.

    It looks like Super Mario 3D will really benefit from the 3D effect to ascertain depth.

  2. That’s some damn find depth perception you have on display there.

    And that Aliens game actually reminds me a bit of Zillion except with way more characters than Metroid what with the permadeath… speaking of which I need to get back to work on that homage some day.

  3. I had no idea Aliens: Infestation was a thing that was coming, and now it’s on my to-buy list.

  4. The death mechanic for Aliens sounds like the one from LJN’s Friday the 13th game. I say that with very little snark – I’ve wanted to see that idea come back in a good game.

  5. Most licensed games fly under my radar. But when they’re done by WayForward, I pay more attention. The idea that it’s going to take a Metroid-ish form just piques my interest that much more. Now I’m downright looking forward to the game, despite my having almost no familiarity with Alien (a travesty, I know).

  6. I’ve been playing through Contra 4. WayForward is now my favorite developer. Will get Aliens: Infestation the day it comes out.

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