GSJ9: San Di-a-go-go

Man, this week. I would like to write a lengthy complaint here about this week, but unfortunately I have to go catch a plane to San Diego now. But please, while I am away, I implore you to read this absolutely fantastic treatise on Demon’s Souls by Matt Williams. Really, it’s great. Makes me wish I had time to play the game more thoroughly.

Once you’re done with that, feel totally free to read my review of Catherine (over at 1UP) as well. This is another one of those pieces I’m sincerely satisfied with. If it seems I’ve been saying that about more articles than usual lately, well, it’s because we’re trying to focus less on writing about everything at 1UP and instead concentrate on the games that inspire us to say something interesting. I’m really happy with how it’s been working out so far; hopefully you’re equally pleased.

8 thoughts on “GSJ9: San Di-a-go-go

  1. that is exactly what i want out of 1up. awesome. i hate how sites/magazines cover everything and come off not caring about half the stuff because it’s not games they’re enthusiastic about.

  2. Admirable approach, definitely.

    By the way, any tyrants here at SDCC want to meet up at any point?

  3. Thanks to Mr. Williams for an excellent look at Demon’s Souls. I picked up the game last summer and dabbled, but it just didn’t manage to get its hooks into me. Fired it up again a few nights back, and I’m loving it. Funny how it goes like that sometimes.

    Although I don’t think a single game can represent an entire market/industry, I’d be interested in hearing what folks think about the popularity of Demon’s Souls in the west in contrast to the much maligned state of games development in Japan.

    I think Demon’s Souls’ commercial success was a surprise — it certainly caught Sony and Atlus off guard. Maybe that will inspire the industry to quit setting up false dichotomies between America and Japan, and instead focus on crafting innovative, well-designed games? I can dream, anyway.

    Oh, and I am loving the direction that 1UP is heading. Mr Parish your review of Catherine was excellent. And a recent look at the state of JRPG localization in the west was equally good.

    Nice work to everyone over there!

  4. Well, your article made me much more interested in Catherine even though I’m probably not the target market for that game. Still can’t wait to get it though, because I loved P4.

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